For a Non-Sectarian Anti-Imperialist, Anti-Capitalist KPFA

This is the web site for the campaign of Aaron R. M. Aarons for Listener Representative to the KPFA Local Station Board. It is also the primary site for my writings on KPFA now and in the future, whether I am elected to the LSB or not.

Like all candidates, I have submitted two documents containing my positions on issues relevant to this election. They are:

Additionally, you can learn more about my positions by clicking on this google search URL and reading my posts and comments on the linked indymedia pages. (Please keep in mind that the titles of those pages were mostly not determined by me. I'm only responsible for my own comments.)

Please remember that the ballot for this election is a preferential ballot, allowing you to rank as many candidates as you wish in order of preference. It combines proportional representation with instant runoff voting. If your top candidate or candidates are eliminated, your vote will go to the next candidate in your ranking, so there is no "spoiler" effect.

Although I have had no part in it's preparation, I am generally in agreement with the 10-Point program published at I also am generally supportive of the candidates whose names appear on that page, but my strongest preference is for these six candidates:

Although I had to list them in some order, they are all strong left candidates.

Since the voting system – too complicated to explain here – is such that a candidate might gain even by being, say, the tenth or fifteenth in one's order of preference, I also encourage people to add the following four candidates as well:

Please remember to mail in your ballot, preferably by Wednesday, Dec. 1, or bring it to the station between 11 am and 7 pm on Saturday, Dec. 4. Go to for authoritative current information.

Aaron Aarons
email: Updated 29 November 2004, 22:10 PST