Answers by Aaron R. M. Aarons

1. Why do you want to be on the Local Station Board?

I want to help make KPFA a more effective instrument in the struggle against oppression in general and the United States ruling class in particular.

2. How do you envision the Local Station Board working with the Pacifica Foundation, KPFA and the community?

The station board and the Pacifica national board need to set policy to guide programming so that it serves the mission of the station.

3. How could the station better serve its listeners?

I don't think that serving its listeners should in itself be a major goal of the station. Helping arm its listeners politicaly for the struggle against the ruling class should be. To this end, I would try to orient the station towards presenting a wide variety of analyses from various anti-capitalist viewpoints, including (but not limited to) diverse interpretations of Marxism and anarchism.

4. Describe some actions you would take to increase the influence of the station in underrepresented communities and to increase the diversity of the listening audience?

I would push for diverse programming by various groups from oppressed communities with varied ideas about how to fight oppression.

5. What sources of funding, other than listener donations, do you feel KPFA should solicit?


6. Please state briefly the skills, experience, educational background, work history, organizational affiliations, areas of community service, areas of interest and expertise that you would bring to the Pacifica network as a member of the Local Station Board.

The main thing I would bring is my experience in a wide variety of political groups and struggles over nearly half a century, combined with the knowledge gained by extensive reading and discussion over that same period.

I also have familiarity and experience with many aspects of computer and internet technology, and a bit of experience as a programmer on Free Radio Berkeley.

7. Do you anticipate missing any Local Station Board meetings due to family or job related problems or inadequate transportation?


8. On which Local Station Board committees are you interested in actively serving? If you are a current Local Station Board member, on which committees do you currently serve?

I would most want to serve on the Programming Committee. My second choice would be the Technology Development Committee. I would also be willing to serve on others.